Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raving Reviews

Our pork is receiving raving reviews: 

"We just smoked a pork rib package from our pork share and it was off the chart good."
Ethan Mevi, Oakland CSA customer

"Those pork chops you sent were the best I ever had!
Bu Nygrens, co-owner Veritable Vegetable, San Francisco

Due to high demand, we are growing our pig herd. We currently have:

- 65 breeding females
- 7 boars
- 175 feeder pigs ranging in age from 3 weeks to 7 months 

We harvest the pigs every Monday. They are processed at Olson Meat Company in Orland then delivered directly to restaurants and butcher shops, either whole or half animals where the restaurants and butchers do their own butchering. You can taste Riverdog hog at the following restaurants and charcuteries: