Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Currently Available Pastured Pork

Bacon: $14 per lb

Ham Steaks: $10 per lb

Sausage: $9 per lb
Bulk Orders:

10-15 lb Pork Share includes an assortment of pork cuts (chops, roast, ribs), sausage, and bacon $8 per lb

10 lbs of Assorted Sausage includes Bratwurst, Breakfast, Italian Mild, and Italian Hot
$80 per 10 lb case

We deliver to the Sacramento/Davis region on Tuesdays, the East Bay and San Francisco on Wednesdays, Napa and Lake County on Thursdays and Sacramento/Woodland/Davis on Fridays. The pastured pork is delivered frozen. The animals are CCOF-certified organic. They are raised on an all-organic diet of: pasture, corn/soy grain from Bar Ale, triticale grown on the farm, whey from Cowgirl Creamery, and believe-it-or-not ice cream from Three Twins Ice Cream Co. The hogs also eat produce culls from the farm.  Riverdog bacon and hams are brined in a sea salt and brown sugar cure with celery baste for 12 hours in a vacuum tumbler at Roundman's Smokehouse in Ft. Bragg. Both bacon and ham are smoked with apple and alder woods and cooked to USDA specifications.  No nitrates are used. The sausage is made at our local butchershop Manas Custom Meats in Esparto. 
The processed pork is not certified organic because it is processed in facilities that are not certified organic. Please contact the farm via email or phone to place your order: or 530-796-3802.