Friday, November 7, 2014

Riverdog Hogs enjoying this warm November afternoon! 

One of my favorite scenes as the truck pulls up to the pasture. In the back of the truck a big bin of produce that doesn’t meet our quality standards.

They come running!

I would run too. These hogs eat well.  
They are feed organic whey from Cowgirl Creamery and from time to time they get organic ice cream from Three Twins.  

What a scene!  Rooting through the piles of produce.  Choosing their bites.  The loud sounds of hard squash and peppers popping as they chomp down on this afternoon snack.

Little Baby Piglets!

These little piglets are no more then a week old!  They are very nervous.  Mama Hog or sows are very protective of their babies. Much caution is taken when visiting these little piglets.  This sow is close to 500 lbs! While in the birthing pin if her babies get excited so will she.  This is not a good thing for she will forget her size and in the process of protecting them she can hurt them.  

You can see how tiny they are next to their Mama's hoof.  Weighing no more then 7 lbs each. 

'Oh you can do it little guy! Lucky for you Mama has 8 teats and their are only 4 of you feeding!'
Any baby animal is fun to watch as they figure out the world around them.  Romp all over each other and their mother.